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Title of the track :Sparkling Fangs
URL of the track :
Genre :Techno Trance Dance
Size :4370k
Duration :4:40
Description :This song is rather basic trance techno music, but it sounds nice IMO, good rythm and happy notes, and I guess it sounds actual too... It should please everyone too! (a shorter version has been composed for a computer game)
Composed with :Reason 1.0 on PC
Copyright :2002 FMF
Format :mp3
Released on :April 2002
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Number of downloads :1928
Number of info views :1941
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 Comments about this track
28 November 2014  Bantugotta love him hooking up the grnuod wires in the beginning of one of the sides. and no writing on one side of the tape! just goes to show the music rises above all the fancy marketing and tricks. good music chooses you, you don't choose it. it lives in your tapedeck or cd player or ipod and keeps playing itself! (paraphrasing p.s.hoffman from almost famous) . ps man was i f%#ked up when this tape was out! brings me back