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Title of the track :Still Nothing to Save
URL of the track :
Genre :Triphop
Size :4391k
Duration :4:41
Description :This is a kind of experimental breakbeat/triphop, slightly inspired by the Freestylers. It has a wide variety of sounds and some vocal samples.
Composed with :Reason 1.0 on PC
Copyright :2002 FMF
Format :mp3
Released on :Mach 2002
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Number of downloads :2538
Number of info views :2791
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 Comments about this track
12 February 2005  JayBThis song sounds a little bit like "I Am Electro" from the NeedForSpeed 4 Sound Track.
You've done a good job here. I think, what's missing, is a good freestyle rapper.

The Phaser-FX are fine chosen. And, yes, it's not really getting boring. The vocal-samples have a vocoder, right?

Pay attention, there're big volume differences, e.g. 15 sec., 1:15. You should recude these a bit, then you can make it louder in general.
16 Mach 2005  TambakoThanks for the comments. In fact, when I composed this song, I was inspired by a track from the Freestylers as I remember, or at least from a known band who makes that kind of music, I just don't remember the name.
But at this time I still didn't had as much experience as now and those volume promlems, among others, were still quite present.
Well, there are still lots of stuff that I don't like in this track...

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