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Title of the track :Maelstrom
URL of the track :
Genre :Techno/Trance
Size :5513k
Duration :5:53
Description :This piece is quite evil and dark. It symbolizes the vengeance made as a creature. The strong beat and the dark chords is symbolizing the evilness...
Composed with :Reason 1.0 on PC
Copyright :2002 FMF
Format :mp3
Released on :October 2002
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Number of downloads :2350
Number of info views :4298
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 Comments about this track
8 May 2004  MarcanThis time the melody drove me into deep dreams... However not the dreams of darkness or sadness, but rather of mightfulness and power one can have, like building you up ("ressurrection after the dark years" I would say). A bit of evilness is obvious... Vengeance is well said. I like it a lot!

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