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Title of the track :House 1
URL of the track :
Genre :House Dance
Size :6771k
Duration :5:46
Description :Also a quite old song, made with samples and loop from varous sources, a few filters, composed with octamed, and using some sounds from my synth as well as my soud card
Composed with :Octamed on PC. Using sounds of the Yamaha CS1x and SoundBlaster Live
Copyright :1999 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :1999
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Number of downloads :2299
Number of info views :2389
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 Comments about this track
8 May 2004  MarcanThere is some kind of magic around the bass in this track - every time I hear such deep one it really makes me move, no matter what's around it! But this one is cool in general :)
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