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Title of the track :House 2
URL of the track :
Genre :House Dance
Size :4770k
Duration :4:04
Description :Another of the series of the old songs, made with some loops and sounds of the synths. It's not the best of my songs, but I think the beat and the bass are cool. The bass, by the way, sounds like some old songs of Michael Jackson.
Composed with :Octamed on PC. Using sounds of the Yamaha CS1x and SoundBlaster Live
Copyright :1999 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :1999
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Number of downloads :2446
Number of info views :2570
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8 May 2004  MarcanI would recommend adding more intro tunes, it really drives up the listeners' expectations, thus making them stay and feel the rhytm deeper. The trumpet-like sound is a bit disturbing, maybe tere could be a nicer one, or a bit different arrangement that would make it better. Even despite that, the idea of this song is nice :) A good track for house parties...

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