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Title of the track :Mystic
URL of the track :
Genre :Mystic New Age
Size :7229k
Duration :6:05
Description :I don't really like how this song tirned out, but well, still not too bad, it was the first try of Mystic music, and some parts sound like a song of Enya, but she is much better than me! :) Once again an example of music with natural instruments that blend with synths.
Composed with :Reason 2.0 on PC
Copyright :2002 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :December 2002
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Number of downloads :2429
Number of info views :2818
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 Comments about this track
5 December 2003  KirooI like the 'pluck' sounds, very Enya, although needs to be swimming in reverb to sound more like her songs! How did you write the main melody? Is it an oboe, or clarinet?
8 May 2004  MarcanThe oboe sound could be a bit more soft and with more blend between chords, the same for some strings, that would add lots of reality to the song, and like Kiroo have said, a bit of reverb would help too. However, the song is very nice for listening, does not get you bored but rather dreaming, as every Mystic music...
23 January 2005  JayBVery nice song. Even if I'm not quite sure, if the electronic drumloop really fits. The oboe could play more long tones, and have short breaks. The 'player' has to breath. That would make it a bit more realistic.

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