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Title of the track :Winds and Flows
URL of the track :
Genre :Dance Trance
Size :6571k
Duration :7:00
Description :It stats like a classical piano song, but then you hear it's a sort of techno, a little like some songs from around 1996-1997. I quite like it, the beat is nice and strong, and all over the song you have the piano plus a generous pad. Nice background music, or even for a dancefloor...
Composed with :Reason 2.0 on PC
Copyright :2003 FMF
Format :mp3
Released on :Mach 2003
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Number of downloads :2359
Number of info views :2764
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 Comments about this track
5 December 2003  KirooNice techno/trancy sound! Gets good around the 3min mark, i'm not too keen on the piano intro, but the rest is cool :O)
5 August 2005  HanniOkay, the general impression is very good. The rhythm parts are really well done, maybe the kick is sometimes too quiet. I like the arpeggio bass.
Just a few thing I would have changed: The piano sound itslef sounds a bit too hard for me, makes it sounding unnatural. 2nd the snare roll is a element, that really should be played with a real 909 snare, this one sounds (at least for this part) a bit stupid...

Like Kiroo said, around the 3:00 mark is sounds already quite heavy. Also the filtered chords in the last part are good.
It's really these three things, that might have to be changed.

P.S.: I think it's more Trance, than Techno, as it's too melodic for 'real' Techno. ;)
12 August 2005  Tambako@Hanni: Thanks for the comment! :)
The style is "Dance Trance", it has no Techno in it! ;)

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