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Title of the track :Hunting Ideas
URL of the track :
Genre :House New Age
Size :6703k
Duration :5:43
Description :This is curious, because I started to compose this song early in 2002, and after working many hours on it, I started to get fed of it, I didn't like it anymore and let it on the side to compose other songs. Later I got to listen to that working version again and I thougt that it's not that bad, that I should improve it and finish it. This is what I did two years after starting it and here is the result. I hope you like it!
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2004 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :23 January 2004
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Number of downloads :2108
Number of info views :2168
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 Comments about this track
11 February 2004  KirooI particularly like this track for the synth work, especially at the break-down ~3:30mins in.. The main melody seems a little tinny, perhaps it could be beefed up a bit? Otherwise, well done! another good track :O)
8 May 2004  MarcanThe song is very mysterical, light melody is a good contrast for strong bass, although sometimes it gets lost in other tunes. I like it :)
23 January 2005  JayBThis time I don't say anything about EQing, you know it...

The chrashs and splashs are a bit much in the early beginning. They should get more and more during the whole Intro. You can try to let them fade in, or, I don't know if you've got reverb on the drums, you fade from completely wet to dry signal, that you first hear the cymbals like from far away; you could also do this with the other percussion at the beginning. I think that might be interesting. BD is short and spiecy, makes the whole groove, spiecy and funky. Maybe this resonant chord synth might be a bit quieter (the one with the bell/strings-similar sound). The rest is, like alredy said by the others, well done.
29 November 2014  ErikI'm a huge fan of a-ha, precursors to the final verison of Take On Me include: The Juicyfruit song' and a ditty called Lesson One'. Both were made between '83 and '85. They hardly sold at all!.
11 December 2015  YancyYes. I like it. This will be a *very* interesting eerepimxnt. I will write some completely different lyrics and sing them and then we'll have two versions of the same song to decide between!

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