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Title of the track :Above The Clouds Remix
URL of the track :
Genre :House Trance
Size :10356k
Duration :8:50
Description :This is my first real remix. I remixed that song from Matt Sweetman, a good musician friend, which was originally a fast breakbeat song, so I had to slow it down and integrate a house beat. Then I could make my creativity work to give it my own personlity, but still let the original conceipt of the song. I'm quite proud of it, for a first remix!
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2004 Matt Sweetman & Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :26 February 2004
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Number of downloads :2121
Number of info views :1979
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 Comments about this track
23 January 2005  JayBDreamhouse, I guess? Nice track, nice full arrangement. Not like the other things I heard from you. I would also like to hear the original, to compare it with your version. Tambako-typical lead-synth-melody, similar to the one in "Spoiled Innocence".
Is here again your 'friend' working, the Loudness-V-EQ?

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