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Title of the track :Spoiled Innocence
URL of the track :
Genre :Hard House
Size :9785k
Duration :8:25
Description :This music makes both bad and good sides to meet. The good side is innocent, but the bad side wants to destroy it. The devil against the angel. They fight with explosions of music. But did really the bad side spoil the original innocence?
I comopsed that piece when I finally had the time to compose again, after a few months of "break"...
BPM :131
Composed with :Reason 2.0 on PC
Copyright :2004 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :25 December 2004
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Number of downloads :2325
Number of info views :2531
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 Comments about this track
5 January 2005  HanniThis is a quite good, song sounding as if produced by a professional producer. I like the filter delays on the short voice samples (maybe could be a bit louder). Da Groove is aslo good, in connection with this really deep bass.
There aren't many things to improve at this song, but some:
- The kickdrum might need a litte more punch around 50Hz,
- The tambourin on the right side could be played a little more organic, work mor with velocity,
- and this melody shouldn't be played that often, or maybe with different sounds.

But nevertheless I like this song and it seems to get sucsess.

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