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 General information
Title of the track :Atlanta's Raindust
URL of the track :'s_Raindust.mp3
Genre :House
Size :9917k
Duration :8:27
Description :You are walking in the streets of Atlanta, the sun is already under the horizon but is letting a part of the sky dark blue. On the other side, black clouds are spreading a fine rain over the whole city, like if the sky was shedding dust. It's cold but it's in Summer. From the basement of one of the buildings, you hear the sounds of a discotheque... it is called the "Raindust"... Will you enter inside?

This track is a quite groovy instrumental house, would sound quite good in a discotheque...
BPM :124
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2005 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :23 Mach 2005
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Number of downloads :2002
Number of info views :2004
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 Comments about this track
21 April 2005  MattNice one! The beat is really chunky. You know I am instantly put in mind of Deep Dish. Some vocals over the top would go down really well, perhaps singing about what you put in your description :)
27 April 2005  Tambako=>Matt : I love the way the beats of Deep Dish sound, and I wish I could be as good, but it looks like I'm starting to gather experience to make my beats sound more full and powerful. About the vocals, I need someone to sing them to me! But I will try to find something that matches the song on Crazypellas or so...
27 April 2005  JayBI wonder, who gave you the hint with putting a such strong compressor on the drums... ;)
About your vocals: I got my last one from Breakbeat Paradise. ( They offer, along with other stuff, free vocal samples and hook lines. You should try them.
21 September 2006  JayBHmm. It's over one year now, that the original came out and you now corrected it. Unfortunately the original version got lost when my HD broke down, so I jiust can judge the current version. First of all the general sound is good. It has much power now, thanks to the (neraly) linear frequency spectrum. If I remember right you also took a new kick, haven't you? However it's really enjoyable now. Good job!

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