Info about "Inspired (Tamby's Dub Mix)"

 General information
Title of the track :Inspired (Tamby's Dub Mix)
URL of the track :'s_Dub_Mix).mp3
Genre :House
Size :8433k
Duration :6:00
Description :This is the firs remix coming from capellas I downloaded online (from a song composed by Satoshi Tomiie, the best house DJ in Japan). For the first try I think it's not too bad. I composed it without having listened to the original version (but now I know it), so I applied my own style, and what it not easy is to balanve the voice and instruement, and that all is synchrone. Good exercise for the start, and I will compose more or those remixes in the future...
BPM :128
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2005 Tambako & Satoshi Tomiie
Written by :Satoshi Tomiie
Original artist :Satoshi Tomiie
Format :mp3
Released on :12 July 2005
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Number of downloads :2058
Number of info views :2435
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