Info about "Breathing Flowers"

 General information
Title of the track :Breathing Flowers
URL of the track : Flowers.mp3
Genre :Soft Rock
Size :5457k
Duration :6:24
Description :I'm really proud of this song since it's my first one using a slow and calm beat, with a wide variety of chords and all sounding quite musical. Although it has classical instruments such as piano, cello, flute, violin, vibraphone, it also uses a bit of synth... and it also has an ethnic color: one part sounds Arabic... so you must listen to it! :)
Composed with :Reason 1.0 on PC
Copyright :2002 FMF
Format :mp3
Released on :May 2002
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Number of downloads :1542
Number of info views :1848
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 Comments about this track
4 May 2005  HanniEr... Soft ROCK?! In my opinion this is more a synth pop ballad. It reminds me of the Music in Age Of Empires II. One could even think, you got your inspriation from there.
I have the impression, the arrangement sounds a bit overloaded. Don't know if it's because of the compressor or becasue of the Synth Pad, that carries through the whole song. This one could be a bit more piano.
The ideas in this song are fine and interesting, but sometimes the naturally instruments sound very synthetic. The Violin, for example, especially in the arabic part (3:15).
I've got nothing moer to say. The next one please. :p
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