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Title of the track :Roots Of Love
URL of the track :
Genre :Disco House
Size :8427k
Duration :5:59
Description :I first composed this track as Disco House, playing with different sounds, more or less dico or house. After a long time of work, it came out nice, especially the strings and brass. Then I looked through my collection of capellas to see if something could match, and I found those of Beyonce (Baby Boy) fitting quite well. Yeah, it sound special because those vocals are not housy, but the result is nice and special! :)
BPM :132
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2005 Tambako
Written by :Beyonce
Instrumental version :
Original artist :Beyonce & Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :12 August 2005
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Number of downloads :2643
Number of info views :2188
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 Comments about this track
23 August 2005  JayB / HanniThis piece has a certain disco flair. Things I noticed at the beginning, is that Master-EQ ad Compressor are not so strong, which make the sound more natural.
The drums are not the most powerful, but they have a round, nearly analogue sound. Drums and bass are a typical Tambako-Arrange, which means nothing bad. ;) The strings sound a bit cheap, but okay, one can do so.

The vocals sound on the first listening a bit brutally timestreched and confusing, if you know the original, but after several litenings, it's quite good. Also with the effects you used. (Filter, Flanger...)
All in all I can say, that this is a quite good song, althought I would have changed some things... :D
24 August 2005  TambakoJust one note about the vocals : I didn't timestretch them myself, nor added any flanger. This was already like that on the capellas I downloaded. Maybe they are the capellas of as remix?
Myself, I just added some delay and (backwards) reverb...
25 August 2005  HanniI think, these effects and the timestreching are done without meaning, these people just wanted to de-originalize them. Coz of compyright law or somthing like that... =^_^=
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