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Title of the track :Last Present
URL of the track :
Genre :Demo / Dance / Pop
Size :7055
Duration :6:01
Description :This music started out like a test (like many), and at this end, it sounded like a happy instrumental track, that could have been composed at the end of the 80's. It sounds like those old electronic musics that you could find on those demos (like I had on my Amiga), and also a bit like some tracks of Jean-Michel Jarre. Well, I let you listen to this nice track! :)
BPM :117
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2006 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :10 April 2006
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Number of downloads :2635
Number of info views :2743
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 Comments about this track
29 October 2006  sunchaserI kind oflike this one, like the beat
6 April 2009  delphine-fune autre musique interressante !

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