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Title of the track :About Us - Trance remix
URL of the track :
Genre :Trance
Size :8257k
Duration :8:48
Description :This is the first track of a project which consists in taking the same lyrics and making a track out of it with three different styles.
For that I took the cappella of a remix of "About Us" from Brooke Hogan (yep, the daughter of the wrestler), which I believe could fit three styles, but we'll see.

First style : trance (well, quite commercial trance, almost direction of Eurodance)... But I still like it, I used many different synths, it's quite fluent, it's nice to listen. Also listen to the instrumental version.

Thanks as well to Hanni for his help with the chords!
BPM :136
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2006 Tambako
Instrumental version :
Original artist :Brooke Hogan
Format :mp3
Released on :2 September 2006
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Number of downloads :4524
Number of info views :40984
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