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Title of the track :About Us - House Remix
URL of the track :
Genre :House
Size :10722k
Duration :9:32
Description :This is the second part of my project, the House (or kinda house) remix of About Us. It's maybe not my best track, but I'm happy with the result, it sounds quite clear and pleasant, and I used many electronic instruments, not all kind of house use so many synths, but well, I was in this kind of mood! ;)

Well, I hope you will like it, and see us when I will release the third remix of About Us!
BPM :129
Composed with :Reason 2.5 on PC
Copyright :2006 Tambako
Instrumental version :
Original artist :Brooke Hogan
Format :mp3
Released on :29 October 2006
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Number of downloads :4030
Number of info views :2984
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 Comments about this track
31 October 2006  JayBHrrm... house? It doesn't really sound like house, neither like Trance... But it sounds a lot like mid 90s.
Okay, first thing I did is to gain the frequencies around 300 Hz, so I jugded it with a linear spectrum.
The start sounds similar to the trance version. The melody starting at 15 sec sounds a bit silly to me. The short melody starting at 4:47 isn't of my taste either.
Dunno, the track doesn't offer too much new things. I think the trance version is better anyway. This one's strange.
Mixing is okay, mastering could be improved due to the frequency hole 200-350 Hz.

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