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 General information
Title of the track :Columns of Light
URL of the track :
Genre :Epic Trance
Size :11549k
Duration :10:34
Description :This song started when I just wanted to test Reason 3.0 that I just got, and tested some reactor patches. Then it developped into a trance track, and since I thought it wasn't too bad, I continuted to work on it...
The restult is my first real track of epic trance, or some related style, more commercial as usual, but still with my personal touch, especially in the middle and at the end. I think it's quite nice to listen to, although there are still some improvement I could make.

Thanks to JayB for his help!
BPM :137
Composed with :Reason 3.0 on PC
Copyright :2006 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :20 November 2006
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Number of downloads :2419
Number of info views :2753
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