Info about "Ganesha's Trunk"

 General information
Title of the track :Ganesha's Trunk
URL of the track :'s_Trunk.mp3
Genre :World Beat
Size :7388k
Duration :6:18
Description :I got inspired by these Indian vocals that JayB gave me, and wanted to make a track out of, world beat style, even if it's not my usual style, so I used a pop/dance beat, plus many Indian percs, and also synths, piano, and a couple if Indian instruments. So the music itself is not really Indian, but sounding a bit like it. Not easy to describe... and the general atmosphere and harmonies is a bit strange and quite mysterious... Well, I hope you like it!

And last question : does anybody know what the vocals mean?
BPM :122
Composed with :Reason 3.0 on PC
Copyright :2006 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :26 November 2006
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Number of downloads :2837
Number of info views :22252
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