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Title of the track :Let It Burn You
URL of the track :
Genre :Deep House
Size :8861k
Duration :7:33
Description :This is once again a more or less real house track, that I started when just I wanted to play with Reason exactly one week ago (and I didn't work on it every day). It might sound boring at start, but it has interesting sound corresponding to my style, and also a quite clear and groovy beat. If you really think that it's too boring, just wait till about 3:52 and you opinion might change, it has a little surprise there...
BPM :132
Composed with :Reason 3.0 on PC
Copyright :2006 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :8 December 2006
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Number of downloads :1966
Number of info views :2009
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 Comments about this track
11 December 2006  JayBIt's a nice tune, that you've given us here. It's nice chillout house music, quite progressive. The arrangement and chord structure is done fine (I like your bass lines), so it doesnít get boring. The choice of sounds fits well to the style - though it's quite Tamby-style - the mixing could be e little bit better. The snare e.g. is too loud for my taste.
In the break at 2:25 the voice could be a bit quieter and with more delay that it makes sorta ambient pad.
I already told you that the part with the female vocals reminds me a lot of "Psychotronic Delight", but anyway it gives the song a nice disco feeling. Maybe the vocals could be a little bit quieter but that isn't a must.
Hmm, what else it to be said? In fact nothing. Song by song youíre improving more, Iím a bit proud on you. ;) Iíd say the track is UK House, but Iím not too sureÖ
So well, keep up the good work!
18 February 2009  hajlanaVery nice, I like when the song changes direcction and I prefer her voice and attitude. Well done!

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