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 General information
Title of the track :Color of Dance (trance version)
URL of the track :
Genre :Trance
Size :8859k
Duration :7:33
Description :This is a remix of an instrumental dance track from Sukiva, a furry friend of mine. She wrote it many years ago as a midi track, and not a long time ago, I decided to make her a surprise and create this mix! :) I mostly just took the melody of the track.
Since it's almost Christmas, it will be a nice present for her!

The style is trance, but relatively commercial, going to the direction of dance. It's nothing very great, but it has a god groove and nice harmonies, and has a strong beat and bass. Well, enjoy! :)
BPM :135
Composed with :Reason 3.0 on Windows
Copyright :2006 Tambako
Original artist :Sukiva
Format :mp3
Released on :23 December 2006
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Number of downloads :2371
Number of info views :3036
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 Comments about this track
27 December 2006  JayBOh well...
I already told you that I don’t really like this Euro Dance style melody, but that wasn't your invention. First of all the bass is far too loud and on the other hand the frequencies around 400-800 Hz are too quiet. I corrected it myself for the following review.
Hmm, you should listen to more current trance productions. Most of your sounds still sound like mid-90s. There’re only a few contemporary elements in it, like e.g. the kick. But the lead sound sounds a bit too thin for a lead sound.
I like the strings/choir pad in the break. Those plucked chords could be a bit louder, because they sound nice, too. Those tubular bells at 4:35 are a nice idea, maybe the sound should be a bit more full. The transition to the second break is good as well. Only the ending could have been better. For a trance track like this I wouldn’t suggest a fade out.
What I noticed is, that at the fills the kick seems to overdrive the whole mix, there’s a little distortion there, which doesn’t sound too nice… o.ō
Best regards and big cuddles,
JayB ^^
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