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Title of the track :Timelapse
URL of the track :
Genre :Deep House
Size :7889k
Duration :6:44
Description :I composed this tune mostly because I am nostalgic of the deep house of the mid nineties, I was listening a lot to such mixes on the radio, and also we had some records of it.
It's nothing special, and I composed it in around two evening only, but it's fresh and nice, so if you like old house, you will also like it!
BTW, it's is kinda similar to 'Phasics' in its structure, harmony and some sounds used.
BPM :129
Composed with :Reason 3.0 on PC
Copyright :2007 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :26 January 2007
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Number of downloads :2686
Number of info views :2830
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 Comments about this track
28 January 2007  Hanni / JayBHmm… sounds again lots like Tambako. Like your songs from 2002 (and I gotta confess that they’re not my most favourites).
First thing I’ve gotta say is that I absolutely dislike the drum sounds, especially the kick sounds a bit like a hard paper box, it has no “body”. And the snare like from one of those end-80s wavetable keyboards… But, well, maybe it was that way in the mid-90’s house music. The other sounds are okay. I like the bass line.
The sound at 3:51 remind me of some old Chick Corea songs, it’s that Jazz-Fusion style. At 4:30 something sounds dissonant in my ear. I guess it’s that organ, which plays solo at the end.
The Mix is okay, as far as I can hear it with my headphones. The bass management is well done, kick it clearly diff-able from the bass.
I guess this are the main points I had to mention. :)

*cuddles* LeHanni

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