Info about "Swaggy Groove"

 General information
Title of the track :Swaggy Groove
URL of the track :
Genre :Old School Piano House / Soulful House
Size :20590k
Duration :8:47
Description :Genre: old school piano house mixed with soulful house. Even if it sounds old school, it has many contemporary elements

I started composing this track when I wanted to create a fat house piano sound.
Since I liked it, and also the chord sequence, I wanted to push it to the limits. I added a bass with a second layer played by the famous "organ2" of the Korg M1 to give even more a feeling of the 90's house music which I miss a lot!
Later, I added some vocal samples to make it sound even cooler.
I think it's one of my best house music tracks, I'm rather proud of it (even if lots of stuff could be better)!
BPM :125
Composed with :Reason 12.2 on PC
Copyright :2022 Tambako
Instrumental version :
Format :mp3
Released on :23 February 2022
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Number of downloads :594
Number of info views :410
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