Info about "Objective Desilusion"

 General information
Title of the track :Objective Desilusion
URL of the track :
Genre :Soulful House
Size :20719k
Duration :8:50
Description :Once again, a track which started its life with testing the new Objekt synthesizer of Reason, then testing some cool chords and I had an idea.
I created 4 chord sequences used in the five parts of the track, each of them have a distinct atmosphere.
Still experimenting a lot with house, to try to find the nicest, most pleasant and most catchy sound. I'm slowly getting there I think!
BPM :128
Composed with :Reason 12.5 on PC
Copyright :2022 Tambako
Format :mp3
Released on :9 June 2023
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Number of downloads :71
Number of info views :64
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